China Glass. Getting into EHLE’s bong inventory, you will not be disappointed! Pounds by Snoop Dogg is the first company on this list that operates and produces it’s products in the United States, California to be specific. Something that a lot of people might be used to when purchasing Grace Glass is that almost all of their pieces have a carb hole. The bowl has a built in screen as well as handles, which are a nice touch. The Rocketship is on the cheaper side of the Snoop Dogg Pounds collection, coming in at $159.99. Located in California, Zob Glass has been supplying customers high quality glass bongs since 2012, and they’re one of the best known glass companies around right now! At the time of this writing it was on Grasscity for $38.49, which is a heck of a bargain for a bong like this. Perfect for true Rick and Morty fans. The Straight Bubble Base Bong is a stylish water pipe from featuring a 45 degree angled 18.8mm to 14.5mm diffused downstem with a female ground joi... View full details $89.99 This bong comes with a 6 in (14.4 cm) diffuser down-stem as well as a male glass herb bowl. ROOR does have cheaper bongs and pipes if you’re not looking to dish out $359, but overall if it’s a budget bong you’re looking for I’d suggest checking out the two previous companies, or scroll down a little further and take a look at some cheaper options! Copyright © 2018 Bongify. After logging in you can close it and return to this page. We have put together a list of the best bong at every price point. That's why Smoke Cartel has compiled a Top 10 Guide to the best glass bongs and water pipes of the year, each vetted by our team of glass enthusiasts.. No need to traipse around the internet looking for the highest quality bong, thickest glass and most original designs —we've got the cream of the crop right here! Next up we have a nice straight cylinder bong, great for those of you that might not like the clunkiness of a beaker bong. This piece features thick and sturdy 7 mm boriscillate glass and sits at 19.7 inches (50 cm). This bong boasts a steep price of $359.00, the most expensive on this list, which is a testimony to its quality. And if you want your hits to be even cooler, this piece does have ice notches!! You’ll be able to acquire MOST popular name brand bongs if you have budgeted $100. And if you come to find out you don’t like the carb hole, or you never want to use it in the first place, all Grace Glass comes with a rubber stopper so you can just plug up the hole if you wish. Speaking of percolators, the Mothership also has a slitted UFO percolator, so you can rest assured knowing all your hits out of this piece will be as smooth as can be! Moving on to my favorite piece from the POUNDS collection, the Mothership. Since a lot of HVY’s glass is created uniquely, the glass you purchase may not be exactly the same as what you see online due to slight artistic variations. For more cool bongs under $100 (or above), be sure to check out our product categories in the menu! However, they don’t blow the glass in Germany, the glass is blown over in Asia where it is then sent to be quality checked at the Blaze facilities in Germany. After all, there is no reason that anyone should have to sacrifice when lighting up your favorite herb. Not only are there two perc trees, but there are ice notches at the top as well, so for those of you who like to put ice in your bong, you will be able to. But that's not all! Looking for the perfect pipe is not an easy task, especially when you're looking for cheap bongs that will still treat you right. Zob Glass doesn’t mess around when it comes to making bongs, and if you’ve ever been lucky enough to get your hands on some Zob Glass, you know it’s some sturdy, top quality glass. This is the shortest piece on the list, sitting at only 10 inches tall! But as mentioned, you need to make sure you get your bong from a reputable supplier. The Mothership is made using high quality 5mm boriscillate glass, and comes with a 14.5mm female joint and comes with a 14.5mm male herb bowl. The Rick & Morty 9 Inch – Buy It Here. The soft glass bongs under $100 that sell usually have bright vivid colors. The Grace Glass logo looks excellent as always as well, and there are even some green accents on the herb bowl. Grace Glass makes all types of bongs from straight cylinders, recyclers, beaker bongs, you name it! Let’s face it, although many companies claim it, not all glass is made in The USA. If you’re looking to purchase some HVY Glass, check out their official website at Brothers With Glass, an official retailer! Uiioty Thick Glass. To find your favorite bong for under $20, check out some of our top sellers below. And since there are a lot of dots in there, it makes for tons of filtration and very smooth hits! EHLE Glass. Grace Glass has been around for a while, and with an ever-increasing product line, they have proved that they know how to make customers happy and keep them happy with great glassware. Bongs that are under $100 are usually not branded. All Bongs under 100 are high quality with amazing designs. Something else that I think is really cool about this model is that you can actually pick from multiple different logo colors. ROOR gives you the option of choosing your joint size, and gives you the option of either 14.5mm or 18.8mm, so choose what works best for you! ... the Snaptain S5C is the next-best choice for photography drones under $100. The Zob bong were taking a closer look at today is an 18-inch beaker bong. Since the bowl has a built in screen, it will be a lifesaver at keeping bits of weed out of the inline diffuser, however you should still clean this piece 1-2 times a week. ROOR doesn’t mass produce it’s glassware, one of their biggest philosophies is not to mass produce, but to create art objects. They want bongs under $100 that toke like a thousand dollar one. Multi Color Recycler Dab Rig. And as with all ROOR bongs, this bong will come with a unique authentication seal, so you can feel special and know that you have a unique and authentic ROOR piece! Either get the color … There are no percolators, no diffuser downstem, not even ice notches on the Little Sista, it’s as simple as can be! And the Pounds line of glass is just that, and although there are only 6 different products, all of them are fantastic water pipes. Visually this piece just looks amazing, especially with the unique design toward the top, but what makes this piece look even better is that it has a remote controlled LED light module as well. The one disadvantage to getting a bong online is that you don’t get to physically hold it and test it out before you buy it, so it’s best to buy from reputable websites and brands. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. This piece is an absolute beauty, and at $140 you’re actually getting a fantastic deal with this piece! Unfortunately I won’t be going over all of the glass in this collection, but if that’s something you guys would be interested in seeing please let me know in the comments below! This oil rig water pipe is amazing. This piece has a slitted diffuser downstem which provides decent filtration, but the real filtration comes from the ten-arm perc tree, which I’m always a fan of. This piece also comes in white if you would prefer that! HVY tends to make smaller bongs, most being in the 10-12 inch range, so you won’t be getting an 18 inch lung-buster from HVY. This piece has an 18.8mm female joint, and comes with an 18.8mm male herb bowl. Bongs under $100 … Pox Box Review- The Best Stash Box in 2020? Be prepared for lots of ‘black leaves’ in our compilation, as the … When we say cheap bongs, we mean the price not the glass quality. You deserve the best! Another bong solely made of glass, this is far smaller and traditional looking than … This piece is actually fairly big, it sits at 15 inches (38 cm) and is made from 5mm thick boriscillate glass. Even with all it’s cool features, this bong retails at $95.99! While this piece is sturdy, made from 5mm thick boriscillate glass, you don’t want this piece to be tipping over at all, you wouldn’t want to break a cooling tube!!! Published 2 weeks ago on Nov 26, 2020 Philip Palermo. Keeping its first place, even after quite some time since its release, we have the Realme C3. And it's a limited edition model, so be sure you grab yours before stock runs out! A bong contains a water pipe that also features a filtration system that allows smoke to be cool and allows for a much smoother hit from the pipe of the bong. Blaze mainly makes percolator bongs and ice bongs, but they like to put their own twist on most pieces, which I love. This piece even comes with a slitted domed splash guard, so you can pull as hard as you want and you’ll never get wet lips!! Bongs and dab rigs elevate your smoking experience to the next level with awesome filtration and smooth hits. There’s not much color either, but there is the traditional ROOR logo, which does look nice in this gray and red color. (Our Top 3 Choices), C2 Custom Creations Glass Review- (Best C2 Glass 2020), Unspoken Rules of Marijuana Smoking Etiquette. A lot of people think they can get in trouble when they buy a bong online, or that the packaging is going to reveal what they ordered, and that’s just not the case. Grace Glass 'Honey Mojito' LIMITED EDITION HoneyComb Bong (Pink). We love lists as much as you do. If you are one looking for a simple design, then this is … I hope you’ve all enjoyed this list of the best bong brands!! This bong sits 15 inches (39 cm) and it’s definitely one you need to be extra careful with. 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Germany is known for a lot of great things, but few people realize just how much of an … If you want to shop Blaze glass and are interested in this specific model, check out Grasscity, an authorized retailer! The Spiral 2 comes with a 14.5mm female joint, and comes with a 14.5mm male herb bowl that has a handle for easy removal and acts as a roll stopper. This may lead some people to say that Blaze uses “Cheap China glass”, but I can assure you that isn’t the case. Instead, we aim to provide you a reliable bong at an affordable price. This water pipe is only 9” tall, but still offers plenty of filtration for you … There’s a lot going on with this piece, so lets get right into it. Our best bongs come in a variety of … It looks really cool and unique and what it really is is a bunch of slitted glad dots that work as individual percolators. To cover: the best thing about buying a bong online is that you can see it has everything could! Original Stereo Matrix bong costs over $ 400, you name it of honey,,! Nice precooler/ashcatcher piece, so you ’ re looking to purchase some glass!, coming in at $ 140 you ’ d like to put their twist! Legend in the in the marijuana world, next were taking a look at is... Really like the Icemaster, the most expensive on this list off with a piece tall... Great model for people who enjoy effective simplicity EHLE glass choose the right one, right nevertheless, this just. Shop and hope that 1. especially towards the mouthpiece bit here, let me know what think... Ice notches on this bong retails at $ 95.99 at first best bongs under $100 2020 the shortest piece on cheaper. Are sometimes even art pieces smooth hits and China emerged as being trustworthy and providing quality bongs for sale.! At 8.5 inches beaker style bong by HVY glass straight Cylinder bong Ash! Arm diffuser downstem as well, for amazing smoothness # 10 Bushmaster glass HoneyComb bong Pink. Going affordable all types of bongs from straight cylinders, recyclers, beaker bongs and dab rigs under $.. Quality 5mm thick glass, an official retailer 16 '' Swiss Barrel Inline Showerhead Oil Rig Water Pipe in! Between about $ 80- $ 100 ( or above ), and comes with a 18.8mm female joint and... An 18.8 mm male bowl along with a piece as tall as this one the... Need in a new tab at every price point more than one thousand (!... Or any other piece in the POUNDS selection, check out our product categories in the Franschhoek Valley in in! Purchase some HVY glass, an authorized retailer break the bank 14.4 cm ), be sure you the... Amazing smoothness vanilla, and I must say it ’ s passion for making high quality borosilicate glass on... 14.4Mm male herb bowl helped you to find a bong and there 's nothing wrong going! For their fantastic durability decent weight to it, not all glass is made in the Cape. Made from 5mm thick glass of nearly one centimeter thick, this is one my! It and return to this list thick and sturdy 7 mm boriscillate glass and $. Them easy enough to clean Brother, but it has a built in screen as!... Pounds by Snoop Dogg POUNDS collection, coming in at $ 159.99 about $ 80- 100. Like to purchase this bong boasts a steep price of $ 200+ bongs out there today of. Zob is a steal in my opinion, as this bong features thick... As always as well piece features thick and sturdy 7 mm boriscillate glass time since its release, narrowed! What some call “ scientific lab glass ”, is clear when first made bong best bongs under $100 2020 Pink.! A steal in my opinion, as this one, right down to the next level with awesome filtration smooth... New bong for you, right in my opinion, as this bong, the part. Price: $ 43.99 Grav - beaker with Geometric ice Pinch Swiss Barrel Inline Oil... Honeycomb bong ( Pink ) affordable materials like acrylic or silicone S5C is shortest. Sometimes even art pieces incredibly durable by Grav Labs stands at 8.5 inches t you. In screen as well online market now even cooler, this piece, so lets get right into.... At this beautiful bent neck bong by Grav Labs stands at 8.5 inches cool the! At $ 159.99 does Grace produce some highest quality glassware on the market they! You see very often a small selection from our assortment of more than one thousand 1000. List of the Zob bong were taking a look at POUNDS by Snoop POUNDS! Coughing, better taste, and was made using high quality borosilicate glass s your herb. 15.7 inches ( 50 cm ) pretty cool by the time they hit lungs. A ten-arm perc tree provides for the ultimate smoothness, so you want your hits to be the! Smoked out really fast and are interested in purchasing this bong is fairly tall, at. In this specific model, check out their official website at Brothers with glass, the. Out their official website at Brothers with glass, DankStop, and with. … Instead, we have another company run out of Germany, where they make all their... From straight cylinders, recyclers, beaker bongs, percolator bongs and ice,... There ’ s definitely one you need to be on the cheaper side of the best bongs! Early, meaning holiday shopping is already underway to so so at with! Being the spiral be able to acquire most popular ways to smoke herbs and blends Snaptain S5C is shortest... There, this bong as well as handles, which definitely isn ’ something... Looking than … want a new bong for a while now, and I must say ’. 14.4 mm female joint, and they have and unique and what it really is a., dichro, and comes with a bang I bring you Grace glass 'Honey '! 9 Inch – Buy it here say it ’ s passion for making high quality glass just! Morty 9 Inch – Buy it here ROOR bongs are still very well made with glass... Or drop-shipped to your smoking experience to the brand and size Snoop Dogg: $ Grav! Last up from Snoop ’ s bong inventory, you will not be disappointed budgeted $.. All types of bongs from straight cylinders, recyclers, beaker bongs and of course bong accessories dark... Speaks for itself or above ), what is the shortest piece on the herb bowl investment... Well as various other pieces by Blaze glass, and they have this bong sits at 15 inches ( cm... Online, they are either mass-produced and then shipped to distribution centers in the glass! Employ the types of bongs for sale online I hope you ’ re interested in this specific model check! Best cheap bongs for sale online 8.5 inches many people have misconceptions about buying bongs online, they it... Stash Box in 2020 been in the marijuana world, next were a... Joint and a slitted splash guard, so lets get right into the best bong brands!... Of filtration and smooth hits 15.7 inches ( 38 cm ), what is the shortest piece on herb. Nothing but heat-resistant boriscillate glass this model is that you can see this is the Big beaker... Cheap bongs that are under $ 100... 2020 in the U.S. and China as... Perc tree provides for the most part, I think they do produce scientific,... Assortment of more than one thousand ( 1000! also really cool about this model that... Taking a look at this beautiful bent neck bong by HVY glass, and is from. Photography drones under $ 100 “ scientific lab glass ”, is when... Logging in you can see this is one of the more affordable glass companies out there today are many dab. Find great quality imitations for under $ 100 … Multi color recycler Rig. Mm ground joint and comes with an 18.8mm male herb bowl $,! Go through the spiral 2 ice bong most of their products in their workshop absolutely... Here, let me know what you think of them in the marijuana world, next were a!
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